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We've worked with many RICS APC and AssocRICS candidates, Senior Professional candidates, students and corporate clients - see what they have to say below and how we can help to build a better you.

Jonathon Ellerington - Chartered Surveyor at Barwood Capital

“I was introduced to Property Elite by two separate candidates who had passed their APC with Jen’s help. I’d definitely recommend contacting Property Elite regarding the services they provide!”

The submission review and bespoke question pack were both invaluable in helping me pass first time.

Jen also provided constant and quick support through the revision process, helping answer any aspects that I wasn’t clear on!

Peter Gorry MRICS, RPA, CEM, CDSM - Director of Property Operations and Engineering at Tishman Speyer

“Jen and Rachel were amazing making everything simple to understand, and proving great support and advice!”

I was nervous and needed help and guidance building my submission package and structuring my case studies. Would not have been as successful with my assessment without them. Thanks a million.

Matt Boyd - Chartered Estates Surveyor at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

“I would heartily recommend them to anyone undertaking the APC”

Property Elite have been absolute brilliant in their assistance throughout the APC experience. Jen and Rachel were incredibly helpful and couldn’t do enough. They were seemingly constantly available and nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble. Without their assistance I would no doubt have been in a much worse position walking into the final assessment room. The rigorous work that they put into helping with my submission, question pack, mock interview and general queries will not be forgotten.

The question pack and mock interview were so incredibly helpful. Both were really helpful in that they were clearly tailored to my submission and provided me with really useful preparation.

Tatenda Metzger - Chartered Surveyor at EE

“Your blog and quizzes are phenomenal!!”

I would definitely recommend. I was able to keep up with all the hot topics in the industry listed on your website. Thank you!

Lynsey Wheater - Senior Surveyor - Network Rail

“They provided me with advice that no one else had which was extremely valuable, and were available to talk through any queries I had at convenient times!”

The APC is a challenging process, especially when you’re not following a conventional pathway and your experience falls over several pathways. However, the team at Property Elite really helped with guidance and support to enable me to pass. Thank you.

Adam P - Chartered Surveyor at International Property Consultancy

“Property Elite were really meticulous with the checking of my submission and case study”

They were always available to discuss ideas about how to structure my work as well as identifying areas where improvements could be made. 

Jen was really prompt with her responses and as a referred candidate I appreciated having someone to discuss ways I could improve on my inital submission as well as discussing interview prep.

Richard Swan BSc (Hons) MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at Panther Securities

“First class service - I couldn’t have done it without you!” 

I first spoke with Jen at Property Elite when embarking on the APC process after years of being overwhelmed by the process. Jen quickly set me at ease and explained the process clearly and set to work helping me to complete my submission. Without the advice and support, the task seemed far too daunting. I have now PASSED my APC at the first attempt and owe a lot of this to the team at Property Elite! 

Jason Kidd MSc MRICS - Professional Services Surveyor at Mann Smith & Partners

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed my APC first time”

The question pack was a fantastic invaluable resource, definitely benefitted me practicing questions and answers. I think I wrote every question, and the answer onto a cue card to practice with. 

Matthew Laing-Williams MRICS - Surveyor @ Grant Mills Wood

“Jen has been a great help throughout the whole processes, I would not have been able to pass first time without her!”

I would highly recommend that package which involves reviewing both your submission and question pack!

Anonymous - Chartered Surveyor at International Property Consultancy

“I would recommend anyone to get in touch with Property Elite to assist on your APC journey!”

I met Jen through a CPD session in Manchester and had heard great reports on her support and advice on the APC process. Property Elite were a big help with my case study and made sure I was heading in the right direction by providing strategic feedback. Not only were they supportive but they also gave me confidence. 

Rebekah Powley - Estates Surveyor at National Retail Chain

“I passed my APC first time, and would definitely recommend the quizzes to future candidates!”

I purchased some of Jen’s quizzes to use a couple of days before my APC; to offer some variety to my revision, and check that there weren’t any gaps in my knowledge. After purchasing, I received a response with the links to my quizzes extremely quickly. I found the content topical and relevant, and they definitely freshened my revision and helped me keep focused. 

Zoe Sawbridge

“The help was invaluable and helped me gain my MRICS - I wish i had contacted her during my first submission”.

After being referred, I contacted Property Elite. With Jen and her team’s help, I submitted a stronger application, had a mock interview to help understand my weak areas and purchased all the mandatory quizzes to help with my revision. I work in an architect’s office, and while support was provided, it was from the part 3 perspective and not RICS. Jen and her team really helped with this and the comparative isolation.

Alex Hillman - Chartered Surveyor and Registered Valuer at Underwood Wright Chartered Surveyors

“I’d recommend the services of Property Elite to anyone!”

Jen really goes out of her way to help you and helped me feel confident going in my interview. 

Adam Sciberras MRICS - Development Surveyor at Milton Keynes Development Trust

“The team at Property Elite exceeded all expectations during my APC preparation process”.

Document reviews were returned with phenomenal speed, incredible detail and the Mock Interview and Question Pack were fundamental in my revision.

Colin Fernandes BSc (Hons) DipSurvPract MRICS - St Albans City & District Council

“Just wanted to let you know that I found out today that I passed my APC and really want to thank you for all your help”.

I’m so glad I did the e-mock as I feel this really helped me in my interview. The question pack you provided was very comprehensive as well.

Thank you so much. I will definitely be recommending Property Elite to all my colleagues and friends who are contemplating becoming chartered surveyors.

Christopher Arthey Msc MRICS - Planning & Project Manager at Axiom Developments Ltd

“Very helpful, would not consider doing the APC without Property Elite”.

The bespoke question pack was a life saver, giving me plenty of focus to my revision. The blog and online quizzes were also an essential part of my preparation which gave me confidence going toward the main event! 

Sarah Woodmansey MRICS - Development Surveyor at Kier Property

“I strongly recommend the services they provide - if you want to ‘fail proof’ yourself then Property Elite is the best resource available”.

I contacted Property Elite a month before my written submission was due. Property Elite gave me the right help to get my submission on track, constant support which for me as the only graduate in my company taking the APC was crucial. I used the question pack service, 1 hour tutoring and also had an e-mock. Going in to the interview confident and knowing I had the best support was what got me through it. I am so happy I contacted Property Elite. 

Parisima Sayfimerhr MRICS - Chartered Surveyor and RICS Registered Valuer at Countrywide Surveying Services

“I would highly recommend Property Elite to anyone working towards their APC”.

I have just become Chartered and MRICS. I would not have been able to pass first time without Jen`s help from Property Elite. Jen is very knowledgeable, encouraging and professional. She is the best mentor anyone could ever have during their APC process. 

Harry Hampson MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at Lambert Smith Hampton

“I passed!!!”

Thanks so much for the pack. It kept me going and by the end I felt I could pretty much answer anything!

Johnny Armour MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at Hall Kemp LLP

“Property Elite was a fantastic service and I would certainly recommend to anybody sitting their APC”.

Property Elite provided a comprehensive range of questions, which helped stimulate new ideas and better ways of preparing for the APC final assessment. I also sat an E-Mock which was critical to my final weeks of preparation. 

Matt Bownik - Chartered Surveyor (Residential) at Daniel Watney

“Property Elite was golden to my success”.

Jen is one of the most effective among all people I have ever worked with. She has outstanding expertise in APC, coaching, mentoring and motivation. She will find a way to any APC problem and will help you with a smile. I would have no doubt in working with Jen and Rachel once again in the future.

Dominic James MRICS - Chartered Surveyor

“I contacted Property Elite about two weeks before my APC interview. Jen provided friendly, attentive advice which really helped me through the process”. 

My style of revision is quite solitary so it was great to have some interaction and Jen and Rachel were flexible and able to provide me mock interviews at very short notice. The mocks really helped and provided a true insight into the final assessment, giving me the opportunity to work on my weak points but most importantly it gave me a new way of thinking so that I could feel comfortable with almost any question (even the ones I didn’t necessarily know the fine print on!).

Peter Smith MSc MRICS - Managing Director at Bill Free Homes and Elvet Estates Limited

“The help that I received from Rachel and Jen was invaluable” 

I was referred first time round as I had underestimated how hard the process was. The help that I got was just what I needed and just at the right time. If you think that education is expensive, wait until you see how much failing first time round costs! The APC is really tough so you do need help!

Sean Holmes MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at David Coleman & Company

“Property Elite’s APC question pack really helped me to realise just how broad the knowledge required for the APC really is”.

Their e-mock interview also provided great feedback and certainly helped me avoid some mistakes on the day and was a great boost to my confidence prior to the interview!

Aimee Howard - Chartered Surveyor at Moda

“Great APC question pack - was a great help with revision”.

Ruth G - AssocRICS Property Manager

Jen at Property Elite was very helpful in helping me prepare my AssocRICS resubmission in February. I found her help invaluable and would highly recommend her to other AssocRICS candidates.

Charlotte Johnson - Graduate Surveyor @ CBRE and RICS Greater Manchester Matrics Committee

“Jen’s CPD presentation for the RICS Greater Manchester Matrics on Real Estate Hot Topics was great!”

Her session was interesting and informative and was suitable for both APC Candidates and Real Estate professionals who need to keep up-to-date with changes in the property industry. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from delegates and we would definitely love to have Jen back to speak for us again. 

Harry Broadbent-Combe MRICS FAAV — Chartered Rural Surveyor @ Rendells

“The assistance and support Jen provided towards the preparations for my APC was extremely helpful”

In particular, she undertook a reasoned and constructive critique of my case study which enabled me to produce a far stronger submission and presentation. Although not from a rural practice background, Jen’s general expertise, knowledge and experience with the APC process meant that she was able to provide me with invaluable advice, which I am sure helped contribute to a successful first time pass.

Hazel Williams — Asset Manager @ Anthony Green & Spencer and Stadium Capital Holdings

“I purchased the question pack (which became my bible in the final stages of revision) and I was so impressed at what I received”

Property Elite had clearly gone through my submission in great detail and identified the key areas of questioning as well as anything linked to current hot topics. It was so helpful to have someone completely new to my submission looking at it as the assessors would.

I also purchased the expansion packs to the quizzes - these were so helpful in testing my knowledge, identifying areas I needed to brush up on and helping measure my progress. In the last few days before my assessment it was reassuring to go through some of the quizzes as a last minute recap! 

The blog was also a huge help, providing really helpful summaries / breakdowns of numerous topics, and I continue to keep up to date with new posts.

Jen was so helpful and supportive from start to finish and turned everything around super quick and was happy to answer any queries I had, no matter how trivial, or provide clarity on aspects I wasn’t clear on. She clearly invests a great deal of time and care in what she does - I would absolutely recommend getting in touch as early in the process as possible!

Anonymous - Associate Surveyor @ National Residential Firm

“I have recently passed my APC Preliminary Review submission with excellent feedback from RICS”

I would not have been able to pass first time without help from Property Elite. They are very knowledgeable, encouraging and professional. Jen was the best mentor anyone could ever have during their APC process. I would highly recommend Property Elite to anyone working towards their APC.

Monet Johnson — Chartered Surveyor @ Richardson Surveyors

“Property Elite’s quizzes were absolutely invaluable and helped immensely — I would not have managed it without them!”

Alexandra Seymour - Management Surveyor @ Birmingham Property Services

“The extra advice and revision tests provided by Property Elite were really helpful, so thank you again for your support”

Hannah Walker - Senior Property Manager @ Cushman & Wakefield (Bahrain)

“I completed the APC whilst living abroad with limited resources and it was really useful to have access to Property Elite for e-mock interviews and tests”

I booked two mock interviews online prior to sitting the APC and I am sure that they were largely responsible for me passing first time! Many thanks! 

Kelly Bezer - Rural Surveyor and APC Supervisor @ National Trust

“As an APC supervisor. I have found the quizzes, which cover numerous competencies, to be an excellent resource to use in my regular sessions with my APC candidate”

I have found the use of multiple choice questions, whilst a brilliant test of knowledge, an extremely useful and effective discussion tool around the competency when gaps in the candidates wider knowledge appear. 

Nicola Pring - Chartered Surveyor @ Savills

“I ordered an APC Question Pack and I can’t begin to tell you how useful it was. It helped me revise on my own but also when studying in a group with other people”

Irfan Iqbal - Asset Manager @ Network Rail

“Property Elite were on hand at a critical point in my APC process, providing invaluable support and guidance”

The tailor made APC question pack is a must in aiding revision and understanding the basis of questioning in the interview. This coupled with the mock interview service are highly recommended to those who wish to give themselves the best possible preparation in this highly demanding process.

Liam Joseph - Chartered Residential Valuation Surveyor @ e.surv Chartered Surveyors

“Property Elite were great throughout the whole process answering my APC related queries promptly”

The question pack provided by Property Elite helped me target my revision and a good proportion of the questions came up in my final interview. Their assistance played a huge part in me passing my APC! Fantastic service and well worth the investment for APC candidates.

Daniel John - Building Surveyor @ City of London Corporation

“I passed the APC first time - thanks for all your fantastic helpful tips and the content available on Property Elite”

It was just what I needed when it came to the interview. Totally recommended! #MRICS #Chartered.

Fiona Kilminster - Senior Surveyor in Planning & Development @ Gerald Eve

“Property Elite provided an excellent service and helped considerably with my APC preparation”

Jen was particularly approachable, reliable and helpful throughout. I would definitely recommend Property Elite’s services, especially the submission question pack which was really useful and helped shape my revision. Thank you. 

Anonymous - General Practice Surveyor @ Bristol Consultancy

“Property Elite were very helpful in my preparation for final assessment”

I utilised the question bank service which was bespoke to my submission and proved to be a very useful tool for focussing my preparation prior to interview. 

Kerstin Fenelon - Associate in Deals (Real Estate Valuation) @ PwC UK

“I would like to thank Property Elite for their advice and support in sitting my APC”

I would highly recommend candidates to gain additional support from this fantastic suite of services that Property Elite offer. 

With my role being based in the financial services sector and not being within a mainstream Surveying firm, it was fundamental for my final assessment to ensure that my knowledge and experience was fully demonstrated and this is where Property Elite gave me structured feedback and insightful tips that improved my technique in delivering the full extent of my competence. 

Jen is so friendly and approachable, she makes the process easy, fun but yet very effective.

Chris Hobday - Graduate Surveyor @ Tapp Chartered Surveyors

“I can definitely recommend Property Elite for anyone enrolling on the APC and only wish I had found the service sooner”

Whilst working towards my APC I was at a small firm in Leeds and required some additional guidance as it wasn’t available in house. 

Property Elite provided this and through a service that was flexible and specific to my needs. I felt I got exactly what I needed. 

Jen was incredibly knowledgeable about the process as a whole and what was needed from my submission. The turnaround time on getting documents reviewed or questions answered was extremely impressive and all for a price that represented great value.  

The APC revision quizzes were very comprehensive too. They raised issues/questions I hadn’t necessary considered - they force you to think.

Ed Rothery - Chartered Surveyor @ HSBC Bank

“Thanks for the questions that Property Elite provided, everything I was asked was broadly similar to your question pack if not slightly easier!”

Kit Rabbette - Senior Surveyor @ Paul Rabbette Ltd

“I would recommend Property Elite’s advice to anyone undertaking the APC, it certainly helped me get through first time!”

I asked Property Elite for a mock interview, questioning and advice prior to my RICS APC.

They provided in depth written commentary on my submission, identifying potential tripping points and discussing ways to resolve those points. 

Throughout the mock it was clear that they had thoroughly read and understood my submission asking in depth questions, a number of which I had not been asked in other mock interviews and were asked in the actual assessment. 

The Property Elite mock was one of the most challenging that I received, however I felt significantly more prepared for the actual assessment at the end of it than I did at the beginning. 

Alice Pritchett - Estate Surveyor @ Marston's Inns and Taverns

“Having passed my APC, I was extremely grateful for the support Property Elite provided whilst planning my next career move” 

Property Elite provided support, answering all my many questions as well as giving me advice and suggestions to improve my CV. Jen is friendly, approachable and easy to talk to; with extensive knowledge and experience the advice was welcomed to understand how I can progress in my career. I would highly recommend to those requiring APC support or career advice; I appreciated the reassurance and encouragement from an experienced individual within the industry

Abigail Bicheno, Graduate Building Surveyor

“If you are not getting the responses you want from your CV, then call Property Elite!”

I was getting frustrated with the lack of responses from my CV - I had tried finding work through recruiters and applying direct to companies, with little result. I decided to fork out some cash and have my CV professionally written, as what I wanted to say wasn’t coming across on my CV. Property Elite took my old CV and after a brief chat they re-worked it, making it sound far more professional and recruitment friendly. Within hours of posting it on CV Library, I had recruiters calling and emailing me. Within 24 hours I had an interview booked and within 36 hours I had a second interview booked and a job offer from the first. My old CV was still out there which could account for the first interview, but the response rate via email and phone had increased too much to be coincidence. 

Harriet Hatcher - Agency Surveyor at Banks, Long & Co

“The APC revision quizzes were really helpful and highlighted areas I need to go back and look at, but also provided reassurance that I have at least remembered something!”

Lauren Ford - Graduate Surveyor at GVA

“Having come into the profession from a non-property background, Property Elite provided a huge amount of support and guidance in in my career progression”

Jen has an extensive knowledge and experience within the profession, which translates into the quality of the help that she provides. The APC was a daunting task for me. Jen has dedicated a significant amount of her time ensuring that I fully understand the process, explaining the procedural steps and more importantly has helped select the competencies that best suit my experience. Jen is approachable, easy to talk to and is always there to provide reassurance, which is not something that many will offer. I have yet to sit my APC, but Jen still takes the time to check in and is willing to do all that she can to make sure that I am as prepared as possible. I would highly recommend Property Elite’s advice to anyone undertaking the APC or looking to get guidance on their next career move, it has proven invaluable for getting me to where I am now.

Property Elite’s APC revision quizzes are really good and I would highly recommend that people take the time to give them a go. There were a lot of questions in there that highlighted several topics that I had not thought of. It was, overall, really good to direct revision and future learning.

The valuation quiz was really good, but incredibly challenging. Admittedly, I did have to do a bit of research, but it has highlighted to me the importance of understanding the Red Book. Best get revising!

Miles Walby - Chartered Surveyor at Grant Mills Wood

“I made contact with Property Elite to ensure my final submission could give me a strong platform going into the Final Interview”

Property Elite provided me with extensive guidance and advice at very short notice. The feedback helped me improve my submission and highlighted areas of possible questioning during the interview. I would strongly recommend the services of Property Elite, especially to those at companies with minimal formal training and guidance.

Achille Mboyo - Commercial Manager at Transport for London

“Property Elite’s APC revision quizzes are well structured and very informative informative! They have provided invaluable knowledge for my APC revision”

James Angel - Commercial Agency Surveyor at Fenn Wright

“Property Elite’s full Health & Safety and Ethics revision quizzes contained tough but good questions!”

Sam Collyer - Management Surveyor @ Glenny

I found the quiz to be helpful as it identified areas where further studying/ revision may be required.

Josh Aspland-Robinson MRICS - Chartered Surveyor

“Thank you Property Elite”.

Jen was very thorough with the questioning, some generic and some very technical based on my submission. The level 3 questions were particularly helpful. 

Ryan Hendricks - Chartered Estimating Engineer and Quantity Surveyor at Saudi Aramco (MENA)

“Property Elite’s E-mock certainly helped me to prepare for my Final Assessment”. 

Based in the Middle East, resources like this is very limited, having an online mock interview with experienced assessors is absolutely worth it!

Tom Ware MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at Savills

“The e-mock interview was very helpful in preparing for the real thing”.

Good range of questioning in the same format as the interview and useful feedback after.

Demetri Papaioannou MRICS - Chartered Surveyor at Roger Hannah and Co

“Very good service and products provided and greatly assisted in passing my APC”.

The information provided by Property Elite was very helpful and they were always on hand to answer any queries. I purchased a few of the quizzes they offer which were perfect to assist with my revision. The questions pack was also very helpful which was tailored towards my submission.

Andrew Heath - Surveyor in Hotels and Service Apartments at Gerald Eve

“Property Elite were instrumental in helping me pass my APC. I asked for a review of my submission and a question pack”. 

They provided me with detailed feedback and possible areas in which I may get questioned further and how to deal with these points. The full question pack was tailored to my submissions from level one questions right up to level three. While revising I had a couple of question which I was unsure how to answer and Jen was more than happy to help me plan. I would highly recommend Property Elite’s advice to anyone undertaking their APC.

Behrang Dizaji - AssocRICS Surveyor (Residential Valuation)


I was lucky to be referred to Property Elite, a top-notch company run by absolute professionals, specialising in career support for RICS membership. Jen provided excellent all around support throughout my preparation for AssocRICS assessment. I simply couldn’t have made it without Property Elite’s assistance. They patiently communicated with me throughout and answered my emails within hours, if not minutes. I will start my full APC preparation next month and I am sure this will be the best place to get professional support. 

Francesca Skinner - Graduate Surveyor at Knight Frank Middle East

“Great quiz!”

The revision quizzes help to get your brain thinking!

Charlotte - Client-Side Chartered Surveyor at Blue Chip Company

I had the full submission review, question pack and mock package and it was so so helpful in preparing me for my APC. Property Elite were super quick and efficient and constantly answered my questions! Jen’s help in me forming a strong submission definitely played a huge part in setting me up for a good interview. Thank you.

Rebecca Rouse - Chartered Surveyor @ Hurstwood Holdings

“Property Elite’s service was invaluable in helping me pass my APC” 

I would highly recommend their services for anybody who wants to pass first time! 

A - Chartered Surveyor

“The advice received on my submission following the review by apc elite was superb and I would highly recommend this if you are in any doubt”

Anon - Chartered Surveyor at Regional Firm

“I cannot recommend the question pack based on your submissions highly enough!” 

Every basis is covered and it is great practice to be answering so many questions before the interview. The Property Elite Hot Topic Guide was also very helpful and Jen was always available to help via email or phone.

Jane Forsyth BA (Hons) MRICS FIRPM - Chartered Surveyor

“Excellent service and it really made all the difference” 

I signed up with Property Elite as I was studying alone to become a Chartered Surveyor. I am very grateful for the support and guidance through a demanding process and am absolutely delighted to now be MRICS. Jen was patient, knowledgeable and very responsive and the mock interview, quizzes and question packs all helped to ensure I was thoroughly prepared. I highly recommend Property Elite - money very well spent as I know I would not now be a qualified Chartered Surveyor without them!

Toby Fisher - Partner @ Maggs & Allen, Bristol

“I cannot recommend Property Elite enough”.

Their comprehensive website was invaluable; from their regular blogs providing essential updates, to the various APC revision quizzes. 

I opted for a mock APC final assessment with Jen. I received detailed feedback immediately after which helped me understand areas where improvement was needed and I was directed to where further information could be found. 

 Without Jen’s support I fear my APC outcome could have been quite different. I will continue to browse your blogs now I am chartered.

Michael Hughes - Director at MJD Hughes Business & Commercial Property

“Rachel and Jen at Property Elite got me through my Senior Professional Assessment”.

Their knowledge of the process and ability to identify what areas I needed to work on were invaluable. In short, without them I wouldn’t be a Chartered Surveyor now