RICS APC Lifeline - Senior Professional Vetting Form Tips

Posted on 21 / 08 / 18
by Jen Lemen

RICS APC Lifeline - Senior Professional Vetting Form Tips

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We have already looked at the RICS APC Senior Professional Route, in a recent blog post. If you think you may be eligible to pursue this route, then read on as we will explain how to get your vetting form right first time.

Still not sure about signing up? You can read what some of our recent successful candidates have to say here.

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What is the senior professional route?

This route to qualification is suitable to those with leadership and management responsibilities, on top of relevant surveying experience.

Am I eligible?

You need to have either 10 years’ relevant experience or 5 years’ if you also hold a relevant undergraduate and post graduate degree (or equivalent professional qualification). The latter should be at master’s level or higher.

How do I apply?

After checking you are eligible, you will need to submit the senior professional route application (vetting) form to the RICS. Download the form and other RICS APC guidance here.

This will be reviewed by a panel of senior professional assessors to ensure that your experience and responsibilities are appropriate for the senior professional route.

What does the vetting form include? 

  • Personal details 
  • Business details
  • Pathway - you need to select one pathway out of a long list, which best reflects your experience and current role, e.g. Building Surveying, Commercial Property, Project Management or Residential (amongst many others)
  • Education - details of your university or equivalent qualification, including grade, type of study and dates
  • Professional qualifications - relevant to your experience and area of practice
  • Professional experience - at least 10 years' experience, if needed, covering your employer, role, key dates and scope/responsibilities
  • Senior profile indicators - see below
  • Senior profile statement - see below
  • Counsellor details, including their RICS number and signature
  • Professional declaration - to comply with RICS guidance and requirements

What are the senior profile indicators?

  • Leadership
  • Managing people
  • Managing resources
  • Position in the organisation structure
  • Decision making
  • International dimension
  • Client base
  • Recognition

Remember, you do not need to demonstrate all of these in your role. However, you should be able to satisfy the requirements for the key senior professional competencies of leadership, managing people and managing resources. 

What does my senior profile statement include?

Your 400 word senior profile statement should focus on what you are doing (indicators) and how you are doing it (behaviours). 

You must also include an organisation chart or description of the organisation structure (in the context of your role).

You should demonstrate responsibility for the following senior professionals indicators:

  • Leadership
  • Managing people (level, numbers)
  • Managing resources (extent, amount, type)

You should also detail the following elements of your career:

  • Position in organisation structure
  • Decision making (level, impact)
  • International dimension
  • Client base (type, profile)
  • Recognition from peers, media, professional bodies or industry stakeholders

You should also discuss how you demonstrate at least one of the behaviours:

  • Pursue opportunities to develop the industry and profession
  • Advocate best practice standards
  • Take responsibility to deliver professionalism
  • Act with integrity to promote responsible business

If you are unsure of what to write or how to structure your profile statement, just contact us on 07804 642 825 / rachel@property-elite.co.uk. We offer all candidates a free & friendly 30 minute consultation

Who do I send this to?

You will need to send your completed form to seniorprofessional@rics.org, together with proof of your qualifications and an organisational structure chart. 

What happens next?

If you are approved for the senior professional route, you will need to pay your RICS APC application fee of £599.00 and then start drafting your final assessment submission. 

Read more on our Senior Professional Route blog or just contact us on 07804 642 825 / rachel@property-elite.co.uk to discuss what you need to do next.

How can we help?

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Not sure about signing up? You can read what some of our recent successful candidates have to say here.

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