​RICS APC Lifeline - How do I choose the right case study project?

Posted on 31 / 05 / 17
by jenLemenHogarth

​RICS APC Lifeline - How do I choose the right case study project?

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Our RICS APC Lifeline blog series aims to equip you with the information, knowledge and skills to pass your RICS APC with flying colours. 

This article will focus on how to choose the right case study project for you. Subsequent articles will focus on other key elements of your case study preparation.

Why is this relevant?

The case study is a key component of your APC final assessment submission. During your interview, you will give a 10 minute presentation based on your case study followed by 10 minutes of questioning. So, your choice of project needs to be carefully considered!

What is the case study?

3,000 words on a project you have been involved with during the past 2 years. It should show that you are a competent, professional surveyor who is able to overcome challenges and deal with complex issues. You don’t have to have led the project, but you should have been heavily involved from the start.

When do I need to think about my case study?

Early on, is our best advice - give yourself at least 12 months to choose your project and write your case study. 

How do I short list potential projects?

During the first 12 months of your structured training, keep a brief list of projects you have been involved in and enjoyed working on. 

Towards the end of this period, choose three projects from this list that you are most proud of your involvement in. You will need to demonstrate that you provided reasoned advice (Level 3) to a client within the project and that you have good depth of knowledge in relation to any relevant competencies, e.g., Landlord & Tenant for a rent review.

We recommend discussing the three potential projects with your Counsellor - being prepared will help you to make the most of this meeting. They are likely to have helpful insight into which project will be most suitable for you.

How do I choose the right project?

Choosing the right topic for you is very important. Try to make this the project you are most genuinely interested in - it makes it a lot easier to discuss if you are passionate about (and can remember!) the details. 

You will need to identify two key issues to write about within your case study (more about format and structure in our next blog article); challenges faced where you were presented with a number of options and provided reasoned advice to reach an acceptable conclusion. You will also need to discuss how you acted in accordance with any relevant RICS guidance. Consider these requirements carefully when choosing your project. 

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