RICS APC Lifeline - Submitting your Final Assessment Documents (Spring 2019)

Posted on 22 / 01 / 19
by Jen Lemen

RICS APC Lifeline - Submitting your Final Assessment Documents (Spring 2019)

Building a better you 

Property Elite’s sole aim is to build better property professionals - supporting your career every step of the way, whether you are completing a RICS accredited degree course, your RICS APC/AssocRICS or simply seeking engaging CPD. 

If you are planning to sit your RICS APC/AssocRICS this Spring, you'll want to have your preparation well under way this month. In this article, we'll focus on what you need to do to submit your final assessment submission this Spring.

On that note, we've got lots of candidates already signed up to support their Spring 2019 submissions - in our experience, the earlier you seek additional support, the better chance you have of RICS APC success! 

If you've been referred previously - don't panic. Just email a copy of your referral report to jen@property-elite.co.uk for some free advice on what to do next. 

Not sure about signing up? You can read what some of our recent successful candidates have to say here. We work with candidates across all RICS APC and AssocRICS pathways, routes to assessment and geographic regions.

If you have been referred or want to discuss your RICS APC or AssocRICS, contact us on 07804 642 825 or email rachel@property-elite.co.uk - we offer every candidate a free & friendly 30 minute consultation.

Our top tips for finalising your final assessment submission

  • Proof read it carefully - this includes style, grammar and spelling
  • Ensure you have written your submission like a professional report - something you would be proud to give to a client or your line manager!
  • Remember to cover the full scope of level 1 (knowledge) within your submission - check the competency guide for your pathway for full details
  • At levels 2 and 3, remember to include 2-3 examples to demonstrate how you did something (level 2) or why/how you gave reasoned advice (level 3)
  • Make sure you are referring to the correct pathway guide for your choice of competencies - there are both the pre- and post-August 2018 versions on the RICS website
  • Ensure your CPD is relevant and up-to-date - you could get asked questions on any aspect of it, so make sure it is focussed on your competencies and experience
  • Sign up for your submission review with Property Elite to make sure you have the best submission to put forward at interview - we still have availability this Spring 2019 with a maximum 5 working day turnaround time

What do I do when my submission is finished?

This will depend on whether you are an 'in flight' (i.e. on Word document templates) or fully ARC candidate. RICS provide comprehensive guidance on what to do by heading to the RICS APC section of their website.

These are some ways to make the submission process as smooth as possible:

  • Ensure your counsellor is aware of the submission dates, so they can approve you on ARC in good time (i.e. make sure they are not on holiday or out of the office or leave extra time if you think you may face delays)
  • Get your proposer/seconder signatures sorted as early as possible using the downloadable form on the RICS APC section of the RICS website. Don't leave it until the last minute - you are likely to need an FRICS signature and this isn't always straightforward for some candidates
  • Remember when the submission window opens and closes - make sure you don't miss out! Check out our last blog article for more details on what you need to do this January, February and March

What should I do after submitting?

  • Give yourself a day or two to take a deep breath before you start revising - going into the next stage of the process with a fresh head will do you the world of good
  • It's then time to start revising...
  • We recommend starting off with the mandatory Conduct Rules, Ethics & Professional Practice competency and revisiting this through your revision period. A wrong answer here could spell automatic failure, so getting this competency right first time is an absolute must
  • After this, we recommend focussing on your weaker areas of knowledge, before moving onto areas you are more confident in discussing. You might like to try some of our free or paid revision quizzes to test out your knowledge
  • Another key element of your revision will be to familiarise yourself with your entire submission - you need to be 100% fluent with your experience and knowledge. This is because you could be asked questions on ANYTHING within your submission - so make sure you know it inside out! Our APC question packs are a great way of finding out what you might be asked at interview by current RICS APC assessors

Do you have any other free advice?

Yes, just head to our Blog to read lots more about the RICS APC process.

How can we help?

  • Sign up for a complimentary copy of our Ebook Guide to the APC (UK and MENA editions)/AssocRICS/Senior Professional Route, together with our updated APC Hot Topic Guide - full of even more helpful advice and tips to pass your RICS APC or AssocRICS with flying colours first time
  • Sign up for our bespoke support services, such as our final assessment review & feedback service, RICS APC question packs (around 1,000 questions/30 pages based on your submission), e-mock interviews and revision quizzes. Don't forget that we offer some great value discounted packages if you purchase more than one support service
  • If you're confused about anything, just contact us on 07804 642 825 / rachel@property-elite.co.uk. We offer all candidates a free & friendly 30 minute RICS APC consultation

Not sure about signing up? You can read what some of our recent successful candidates have to say here.

Stay tuned for our next blog post to help build a better you

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DISCLAIMER! We cannot take any responsibility for missed deadlines - please check directly with your RICS world region via email, telephone or website for accurate confirmation.