RICS APC Lifeline - What is AssocRICS? - Part 1

Posted on 09 / 01 / 19
by Jen Lemen

RICS APC Lifeline - What is AssocRICS? - Part 1

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Property Elite’s sole aim is to build better property professionals - supporting your career every step of the way, whether you are completing a RICS accredited degree course, your RICS APC/AssocRICS or simply seeking engaging CPD. 

This week, we are looking at the RICS AssocRICS qualification and how you can go about achieving it. This is only Part 1 of a series of articles focussing on the RICS AssocRICS qualification. If you are looking for personalised support, make sure you check out our AssocRICS submission review service.

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What is AssocRICS?

AssocRICS recognises work-based experience and vocational qualifications. It shows that you are qualified, regulated and trusted, whilst providing a stepping stone to full chartered status (MRICS).

What are the benefits?

There are many reasons why you may want to become AssocRICS:

  • Meaning - it’s a great feeling to see AssocRICS after your name. Be proud and enjoy the associated respect from clients and colleagues
  • Recognition - clients seek out qualified surveyors - it’s part of your personal brand and instills confidence in what you do. Put yourself ahead of the competition
  • Professionalism - you’ll work to the high standards set by RICS, assisted by the comprehensive guidance and support they provide
  • Network - who you know can be just as important as what you know. The RICS provides a great way to meet other professionals and boost your profile
  • Career progression - promotions can be dependent on getting qualified. When you are ready, the sooner you do it - the better

Am I eligible?

There are four key routes to AssocRICS membership:

  • 4 years’ work experience
  • Approved HND, HNC, NVQ3, BTEC or foundation degree + 2 years’ work experience
  • Relevant undergraduate degree + 1 years’ work experience
  • Direct entry via membership of an approved professional body

Upon satisfying one of the above routes, you’ll then need to pass the AssocRICS written assessment and online ethics module. 

In the case of direct entry, you only need to pass the online ethics module.

Upon becoming AssocRICS qualified with valuation as one of your technical competencies you can apply to become an AssocRICS Registered Valuer. 

You can also apply if you didn’t follow the valuation pathway, however, you’ll have to undergo additional assessment first.

How long will it take and how much does it cost?

Generally, candidates take 6-12 months to become AssocRICS qualified. RICS charges an enrolment fee, plus an annual subscription fee.

How do I chose a pathway and competencies?

You’ll need to choose an AssocRICS pathway within the specialisms of land, property or construction. Examples include Commercial Property Management, Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying and Valuation. The full list can be found on the RICS website. 

You will need to read the pathway and competency guides to check that your pathway and choice of 6 technical competencies reflect your work-based experience.

There are also 8 mandatory competencies you need to satisfy, irrespective of pathway and technical competency choice, which relate to wider business skills:

1. Client care

2. Communication and negotiation

3. Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice

4. Conflict avoidance, management and dispute resolution procedures

5. Data management

6. Health and safety

7. Sustainability

8. Teamworking

Who supports me?

You will need a counsellor to guide you through the AssocRICS process. This is usually a qualified member (AssocRICS plus 4 years’ experience, MRICS or FRICS) from your firm. In the event that you do not have the right support structure in place, call Jen on 07491 252 025 and we will be able to assist.

We recommend meeting your counsellor every 4-6 weeks to review your progress and ensure that you are on the right track for success.

Before starting work on your submission, we recommend completing a self-assessment form, which can be downloaded from your pathway section of the RICS website.

We also recommend reading the AssocRICS Candidate Guide to ensure you understand the process of becoming AssocRICS qualified.

Property Elite offers all candidates a free 30 minute consultation to guide you through the process and to set an action plan to succeed in your AssocRICS assessment. Just contact us on 07804 642 825 / rachel@property-elite.co.uk to set this up.

What next?

More in Part 2 soon on what you need to do to complete your AssocRICS paper-based submission.

How can we help?

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Not sure about signing up? You can read what some of our recent successful candidates have to say here.

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