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Hazel Williams — Asset Manager @ Anthony Green & Spencer and Stadium Capital Holdings

“I purchased the question pack (which became my bible in the final stages of revision) and I was so impressed at what I received”

Property Elite had clearly gone through my submission in great detail and identified the key areas of questioning as well as anything linked to current hot topics. It was so helpful to have someone completely new to my submission looking at it as the assessors would.

I also purchased the expansion packs to the quizzes - these were so helpful in testing my knowledge, identifying areas I needed to brush up on and helping measure my progress. In the last few days before my assessment it was reassuring to go through some of the quizzes as a last minute recap! 

The blog was also a huge help, providing really helpful summaries / breakdowns of numerous topics, and I continue to keep up to date with new posts.

Jen was so helpful and supportive from start to finish and turned everything around super quick and was happy to answer any queries I had, no matter how trivial, or provide clarity on aspects I wasn’t clear on. She clearly invests a great deal of time and care in what she does - I would absolutely recommend getting in touch as early in the process as possible!


RICS APC Lifeline - New Referral Guidance

Building a better you  Property Elite’s sole aim is to build better property professionals - supporting your career every step of the way, whether you are completing a RICS accredited degree course, your RICS APC/AssocRICS or simply seeking engaging CPD.  This week, we will look at the recent changes to the resubmission procedure if you have been referred. If you

Posted on 17 / 07 / 18
— by Jen Lemen
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